Swimming & Dance Rehab Specialists

With over 30 years of experience in dance and 30 years of experience in swimming. Saw Mill River Physical Therapy has the ability and expertise to assess and evaluate dance athletes and swimmers. With their experience they not only treat these athlete’s ailments but also improve their overall function and abilities in their individual sport. Their goal is not only to get them back in the pool or on the dance floor safely and quickly, but also at a high competitive level with lower future risk of injuries.

Saw Mill River Physical Therapy has the unique ability to assess your swim stroke for dysfunctions and limitations at our facility utilizing the pool at the Saw Mill Club. In addition, we are able assess a dancer’s form and movements utilizing the many dance studios at the club, as well.

In utilizing our swim consultant, Kristin Lochte-Keeler, we have further expertise to break down your swim stroke motion by motion to truly analyze your movement. With our team approach we discuss how to correct and improve your overall stroke, not only will this reduce injury, but it will also improve speed times and efficiencies.