Specialized Programs

We have been happy to serve the Westchester Community with experienced Physical Therapy care. In addition to our traditional hands-on manual and exercise techniques for the treatments of Orthopedic and Sports related injuries, we have incorporated some specialized programs that our unique backgrounds allow us to provide for our patients:

  • Spinal Treatments
  • Aqua Therapy
  • Dance Specific Therapy
  • Sports Specific Therapy

Pre and Post Mastectomy Therapy

We provide instruction and treatment for pre and post mastectomy patients. Our goals are to prevent and regain shoulder range of motion, maintain and restore muscle strength, prevent and treat muscle spasms and assist patients in returning to pain free activities of daily living and recreation.

Aqua Therapy

  • Therapeutic Exercise in the pool to allow for easier movement and walking, early exercise when weight bearing is limited
  • Swim stroke technique corrections to allow for pain free recreational swimming
  • Stroke technique to enhance the competitive swimmer
  • Guidance for aerobic training in the water

Dance Specific Rehabilitation

  • Helping the dancer return from injury
  • Dance specific exercises, stretching and manual techniques, floor barre and traditional barre exercises

Sports Specific Training

We have the experience to break down the movements of specific sports to enhance the athletes’ rehabilitation including strength, agility and speed to get them back to their game.